Thursday, March 22, 2012

do what she please

Okay, so I'm the only person in North America not at the Hunger Games premiere tonight and this is tragic, mainly because I am super excited to see Lenny Kravitz as Cinna. 

And if I knew nothing about the Hunger Games, this alone would have me in line for a ticket: 


I have read all three books, so I can also claim loftier reasons (and I definitely have other reasons) for wanting to see the film other than Lenny. Erm, Mr. Kravitz. 

All that to say that I really love reading and books and music and film and the mixing of all kinds of media. My name is Gabi and this will be my blog to follow my love of all of those things. But mostly books. 

I've worked libraries for a while and I've been at my current library for two and a half years. I can tell you that approximately 105 people are on hold for the first Hunger Games novel so it might be time to make a "while you're waiting" reading recommends list. 'Cause that's gonna take a while. 

My favorite books/authors right now are: 

- All of the Inspector Gamache novels by Louise Penny. She is an amazingly gifted writer and she crafts a terrific mystery. More importantly, you will absolutely fall in love with her characters and make your heart wrench with what happens to them. 

- The Seven Kingdoms trilogy by Kristin Cashore. A gorgeous YA series that takes you to the lands of the Seven Kingdoms and the Dells, you'll meet strong young women, gifted ones called Gracelings, Monsters, princes, the creepiest villain this side of Voldemort, and a librarian called Death. (Technically pronounced Deeth, but still. :D) 

- Anything and everything Sherlock Holmes. I fell in love with Holmes and Watson when I was twelve and never looked back. When they announced the BBC Sherlock I thought I wouldn't be able to take the idea of Sherlock in modern times but Holy Mother of Doyle it is the Best Adaptation Ever. The Brits make the best television. 

Not a book, but I also have a great love for: 

My Doctor is 11. Bow ties are cool. 

Mysteries and Young Adult are my two home genres, so I'll mainly be reviewing those. I do like to spice things up sometimes and throw some random historical fiction or romance or a western in there occasionally. One never knows. 

Thank you for stopping by and I'm extremely excited to meet everyone in the book blog-o-sphere and I hope you'll bear with me as I get this blog off the ground! 

Booking it, 


  1. Lol. The Brits DO make good television, don't they? I've lost count of how many British TV shows I've started watching. LOVE Doctor Who! I haven't started Sherlock yet, but several of my friends are in love with it.

    Welcome to the book blogosphere!

    1. They really do! (Yay, fellow Whovian! :D) Sherlock is amazing, I highly recommend it. I've also been watching Luther which is fabulously well written. It is a little gruesome in some parts, though.

      Thank you so much! I'm excited to be in the sphere!

  2. My only problem with Lenny Kravitz as Cinna is that he doesn't get enough air time. Cinna is one of my favorite characters in the book and we just don't get to see enough of him in the movie. People who haven't read the books won't be able to understand how awesome he is unless they up his face time in the next movie.

    Also, while Matt Smith is Awesome, Doctor 10 is my fave. And I can't say enough about Sherlock. The last episode of Season 2 just about killed me. If you like Luther you should give Whitechapel a try.